Travel Italy with the Romantic Poets…

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Earlier this year I put together a tour of Italy that followed in the footsteps of Percy and Mary Shelley, who lived in various locations across that country from 1818-1822.

I am very pleased to say that now you can take this tour for real. The tour was written for ‘Great Rail Journeys’ in partnership with the University of York and can be found online here.

A print catalogue is to follow with my full tour report. When I receive that I’ll post a scanned version on here.

Venice, Rome, Lucca and San Terenzo/Lerici are the key locations. I’ve been to Venice and Rome… and I am off to Lerici next week to visit Shelley’s final residence on the coast of Tuscany. More on that to come.

From Percy Shelley’s ‘The Triumph of Life’, written at Casa Magni, Lerici:

Swift as a spirit hastening to his task

Of glory & of good, the Sun sprang forth

Rejoicing in his splendour, & the mask

Of darkness fell from the awakened Earth.


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