Just an update. Things are busy, I am in the third year of my doctoral studies now, although trying to still write blogs when I can.




BARS ‘On This Day’

The BARS ‘On This Day’ blog series – which I curate – continues with one new post per month. The contributors we’ve had so far have been fantastic and I am so grateful to everyone involved. Keep an eye on the blog for exciting new posts re. the famous summer of 1816 by Lake Geneva. Also, the BARS PG/ECR conference takes place in Oxford on 22-23 June 2016.



Frankenstein event

frankensteineventKSH copy

The events to celebrate 200 years since the composition of Frankenstein in Rome and York are only two months away, so please remember to get your tickets soon! We’ve had some interesting developments regarding the ‘Romantic Bicentennials’ network and Chawton House Library, which you can read about here.



Wendy Cope and Eborakon


Eborakon Issue 2

The following post is not Shelley-related, but I have written a blog review of Wendy Cope at the York Literature Festival for the poetry journal Eborakon (March 2016). I am current co-editor of Eborakon and our next issue will be out in Autumn 2016. You can buy the previous issue here.




Shelley Conference in 2017 (save the date!)

NPG 1234; Percy Bysshe Shelley by Amelia Curran

P B Shelley by Amelia Curran, oil on canvas, 1819 (NPG)

There isn’t too much to reveal yet, and it is very much a work-in-progress, but thanks to the help of Prof Kelvin Everest, the Institute for English Studies and the Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies at York, I will be organising a ‘Shelley’ day conference, to take place on 15 September 2017. More details soon.





Thankyou Catherine Redford for linking your blog to mine! Catherine writes a Romanticism blog, with fascinating posts and great resources. I especially like her post on International Women’s Day (feat. Mary Shelley, of course).


Here are some other Shelley-related things I’ve spotted and would like to share: 

Frankenstein at the Royal Opera House, London (I have tickets! and will try and write a review to post here)

The Geneva Summer, NYPL, 21 May

1816 Villa Diodati event in Edinburgh, 16 June

‘Summer of 1816: Creativity and Turmoil’ Conference, Sheffield, 24-27 June 2016

Please check out my Academia.edu page, and my twitter.

Happy 1816/2016! 


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