This is a blog by Anna Mercer – I am an early career researcher working on the Shelleys.

This blog is partly for my own enjoyment, noting down Shelley fragments as I research their lives and works. However, it might also, (I hope), be of interest to readers unfamiliar to the Shelleys’ art; therefore short quotes in an accessible context might introduce more people to the beautiful language of these two authors and their literary circle.

Header image credit: ‘Shelley and Mary Godwin’, by W. P. Frith 


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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Anna Mercer: I left a BARS reply to your piece from April 2015 and appreciate your interest in Mary Shelley; website below.
    Keith M. Collis


  2. Hi Anna. This is a great site, and having read your post on teaching Shelley, I think we have very similar goals. Understanding his prose is critical to an understanding of his poetry. For example the word “vacancy” has a very particular meaning for him which you discover only if you have read “On LIfe.” I hope my articles will be as interesting for you as yours are for me.


    • Hi Graham – thankyou for your kind comments. The site started as a bit of fun and I hope it is progressing into something others will enjoy reading! Yes, ‘vacancy’ is a great starting point for discussion, and my work also looks at how Mary Shelley uses that word in her later novels. Your site looks fantastic and I will be having a closer read of it very soon.


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